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Marvel Select Ultimate Iron Man

Marvel Select Ultimate Iron Man

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Ultimate Iron Man measures roughly 7” tall, and is accompanied by a bulky docking bay diorama festooned with thin varicolored rubber cables than can be linked to Iron Man’s arms. Ultimate Iron Man supports a comparatively extensive array of articulation that includes the neck, shoulders, wrists, mid-torso, hips and ankles. The armor’s color scheme includes red, yellow, silver and charcoal-grey. Gauntlets and rocket boots are outsized, and the helmet is crafted with a sloping, slightly outcropping faceplate. Ultimate Iron Man utilizes high-tech armor to reinforce a drastically heightened neural network; this version of Tony Stark is plagued by alcoholism in an attempt to diminish the pain generated by his condition. Equipped with a bulky, extremely powerful manifestation of the Iron Man armor, Tony Stark is a member of the government-funded Ultimates.

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